How’d I Get My Back Pain??: 3 Common Causes of Back Pain

If your suffering from constant back pain…back pain review massager back neck

Give me a few minutes of your time to tell you where your back pain might have started and that’s going to be your first clue on how to manage it.

Now if your struggling day to day holding your lower back and dreading the moment you might have to bend over to tie your shoes or pick up that $20 dollar bill on the floor you just found then keep reading and I’ll fill you in…


Great! Lets get you started!

Cause Number One

Your Back vs. The Screen…vol. 1

back pain treatment massage massagerThe Screens, The Screens, the Screens!!!

That’s right, public back pain enemy number one is your computer screen. Whether your working 8 long hours banging away at your keyboard or surfing the web till the wee hours of the AM. Your more likely than not sitting poorly creating the back pain you complain about everyday. No need to feel left out studies say more and more people are complaining of back pain due to leaning in to use their work computer. The beauty of this era is websites like mine  that are healing the worlds back pain; one massage chair review at a time.

Case Number Two

You Got to Move to the Beat

dancing back pain treatmentsHey people, being a couch potato is a sure fire way to back pain town. Back pain doesn’t just spring up from staring at your computer for hour all day. It can also manifest itself through a LACK of activity. I know exercise is the last thing you want to do after a long day at work, but that back pain is only going to get worst if you don’t. I get it. I said exercise and you thought up images of giant weights and agro gym trainers. Here’s a secret not all exercise is brutal, some exercises are low intensity like Yoga for example. Yoga and back pain relief are like peanut butter and jelly so give it a try and watch you back pain slowly decrease.

Case Number 3

massage chair back pain neck pain fear

 Stop Carrying That Emotional Luggage

Emotional energy? Back Pain? huh what? Yeah, carrying around that old hurt can become a wicked strain on your back. Focusing on all the bad and wrong in your life can weigh you down, which leads to poor posture and that leads to your back pain. Learning to let go of your stresses is your first step to treatment for your back. Practice forgiveness and stop dragging that emotional luggage around with you everywhere.

Knowledge is Powerback pain massager review information

Those are some of the common causes to back pain. Sucks. I know. Now we have information that we can put into action. So Move! Stand up when your using the computer, and stop holding onto old hurt and fear…


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